Guilty Pleasure Alert! An Advice Column Just For You

Tuesday, January 5, 2016
Fitness Business

Let’s have some fun!  With the new year upon us, we are introducing a new advice column to the Punchpass blog:  Liv and Learn.  We hope it will grow into a fun and informative way to share experiences and insight among the Punchpass community and beyond.  Besides, who doesn’t love a fun advice column?

This column has a twist – YOU are invited to answer questions that come to Liv as well as to ask Liv questions of your own.  With each installment of Liv and Learn, we’ll share an answer to the prior question as well as a new question for you to ponder & respond to.  

We hope that this will be a collaborative and fun way to share experiences and advice with other like-minded souls.  Let’s help each other through troubles at work and share the trials of running a business.  Problem with a co-worker?  Problem with a client?  Problem juggling everything? Ask away!  

Let’s kick things off with a question from a friend with an age-old dilemma:

I own a fitness studio.  I have two instructors in my studio who do not like each other.  They each take turns “telling” on the other one, and I’m tired of it!  Their personalities just clash.  I don’t want to let either of them go, but their antics are wearing me out.  What can I do?

- Fed Up in Fresno  

This question has now been answered by one of you, our helpful readers!  

Do you have a problem of your own that you’d like help with?  Send your question to