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Introducing Email Templates: Save Time and Hassle!

Enhance customer communication effortlessly with our new feature: personalized, language-customized email templates. Send individual or group emails with ease, providing a tailored experience while maintaining top-notch quality. Your customers will appreciate the personal touch!

June 28, 2023

Hey Punchpass users – we’ve got a few questions for you!

  • Do you ever find yourself sending the same email message multiple times?
  • Are you copying and pasting text over and over again into your emails?
  • Do you upload your logo or the same header/footer text to your newsletter every time?

Well, we have some exciting and time-saving news: our fabulous ✨Email Templates✨ feature is here and ready for you!!!

What’s an Email Template?

What’s an Email Template, you ask? And how does it help me?

Our new feature lets you set up a standard email layout with your chosen language & design – that’s your template. Once you’ve set it up, you can easily access the template to send personalized emails to your customers on the fly – one at a time or in groups. It makes things so much easier for you, and the quality of your communications is never compromised! Your customers will feel as though you’d written each email personally to them, from scratch.

You can set up your email templates really quickly and easily, customizing each with variables to make the communications unique to each recipient. And there’s no limit to the number of templates you can create – so you have have one handy for all of your typical email sending scenarios.

Email Templates are available on ALL Punchpass plans, too! 🙂

How do I get started?

Just go to Manage Settings > Email Templates to get started. In just two steps, you’ll have your first template ready:

  • Give your template a name (so you can find it easily when sending emails in the future).
  • Customize the Subject and Body of the email to design and write your own content.

But how do I make sure the emails feel special to every customer?

You can make your email templates extra special by using variables in your design. These variables allow you to include specific information like the customer’s name, birthday, or the date they joined your studio.

When you send an email, Punchpass will automatically fill in the unique data that corresponds to each variable in your template (like the customer’s birthday). So your message is personalized for each individual!

I’m sold! I could use some template ideas, though…?

We already have a lot of Punchpass users with Email Templates up and running, and people are getting creative with different templates! Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Like to communicate key details to newbies? Create your Welcome Email Template and use the New Customers list to send out when you get a new sign up.
  • A Birthday Email Template is a great way to show your customers some extra love when their special day comes around.
  • You can celebrate customer loyalty with an Attendance Milestone Email Template.
  • Set up a Newsletter Email Template with your logo and custom variable for the customer’s name to reduce steps and add personalization for your regular communication with your customer list.
  • Would you like all of your emails to have a consistent look and feel? Set up your General Email Template to use for all custom communications!

Let’s dig a little deeper and get going with this awesome feature!

Click here for our Email Templates support article and get a full walk-through on how to set up & use them.

Want to see a template in action? Here’s a video overview from setup to send!

For an even more in-depth demo and discussion, check out our recent Email Templates webinar – it was a banger!

As always, we’re here to answer any questions you have. Just reach out to us in the chat or set up a call so we can help you take full advantage of Email Templates at your studio! 😃