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We empower independence & community

We believe in the power of human connection to inspire and enhance our collective well-being.

Our Story

Our passion for problem-solving and deep integrity propel us forward.

Back in 2013, Chris Patton was talking with the owner of a small studio who was frustrated by her lousy software options. With this kernel of inspiration, he put his problem-solving skills to work and created Punchpass. Early customers loved it so much, Sharon came on board to help grow and manage the business.

As our community has grown over the years,  our team has maintained our passion for problem-solving. This focus, coupled with our deep integrity, has earned us a devoted following from the amazing clients who’ve trusted us to help them run their studios.

We are so proud to have played a role in the survival of these communities during the pandemic when, early and quickly, we gave our clients the ability to offer classes online using Punchpass.  We helped them stay optimistic as we were forced down that uncharted path together. 

Though we are all forever changed, people want community now more than ever. 

Our small and dedicated team is committed to driving success for the businesses we work with, continually improving Punchpass for the communities we serve.

If Punchpass feels like it could be a fit for your business, definitely give it a shot! We invite you to start a free trial today or schedule a quick discovery call to see if the vibe is right. 

We know that it’s a big move, and we’re here to help each step of the way.

We’d love to welcome you to Punchpass!


Together we thrive

Our quest to be a positive force in the world begins with our undeniable passion for helping people, in doing good, and making a difference in people’s lives.

We believe in giving back

See how we’re helping combat climate change.

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