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Claire and Punchpass: A Love Story

Discover how Claire, a yoga studio owner from Adelaide, Australia, found Punchpass, a studio management software. Her love for it led her to join the team. Here's her inspiring story.

June 27, 2023

Hi, I’m Claire and I’ve been part of the customer support team at Punchpass for over 5 years.

I first encountered Punchpass when I started using it for the yoga studio I owned at the time. I probably Googled something like “alternatives to MindBody” and Punchpass was one of the (many!) options that came up.

I loved their simple customer workflows that were born of powerful options behind the scenes, plus I was a total sucker for the rainbow colourway they had going at the time! I moved through my free trial easily, launched to my customers, and never looked back.

During the time I was happily using Punchpass it really felt like I’d found a hidden gem and I definitely wanted to help others to unearth it. So anytime another yoga teacher or studio owner posted on a Facebook group or other forum to ask which studio booking software everyone was using and whether they were happy, I couldn’t help but tell them about Punchpass! That initial speaking up turned into me guiding other users through the plans and features which turned into a studio owner friend of mine finally saying “If you love Punchpass so much, why don’t you work for them?”. So now I do!

I was lucky enough to become their first dedicated customer support team member and for a few years, I was involved in both sides of Punchpass – using it to successfully manage my yoga studio in Australia while I also supported other Punchpass clients around the world. During this time I didn’t shy away from advocating for the features and workflows that I knew studio owners really needed from Punchpass (since I was one of them!) – something I definitely still do now!

That combination of roles gave me a unique perspective and genuine insight into what it really takes to run a thriving business. I can absolutely help you with the technical side of Punchpass but I’m also always willing to share any helpful studio management tips that I’ve come across and help you work through what’s going to be best for you, your business, and your community.

A couple of years ago I realised that the days of owning my own yoga studio had run their course and I sold the business after eight mostly wonderful years (it’s still running very successfully on Punchpass with someone else at the helm). Now it’s just me and Punchpass – I absolutely love my role here and being able to stay connected to the wellness community (without the dramas that come with being a studio owner!) has been a massive gift through a wobbly few years.

Over the years I’ve spent at Punchpass I’ve seen an incredible amount of evolution and growth, all built on top of the friendly, personal service that we’re well known for now. I feel incredibly lucky that I chose Punchpass all of those years ago and I’m even more grateful that they chose me too.

Warm regards,