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Product Updates

Punchpass is constantly being updated and improved! This is what’s new:


Admins will see class notes more easily

September 13, 2023

We’ve made it easier for admin users to spot any notes that have been added to a class by highlighting them and improving their visibility.

Improved visibility of total number of attendances

August 25, 2023

We’ve made the Customer details page even better by letting you always see the TOTAL number of attendances for each customer, no matter how high it goes – so you can really celebrate your top customers and their milestones! We’ve also added a little note to let you know that this count includes all attendances except no-shows and late cancels.


Customer Attendances Report has been improved

August 24, 2023

We’ve enhanced the Customer Attendances report by making it significantly faster, eliminating timeouts for clients with extensive lists. You’ll also now see a breakdown of attendance types: Attendance, No Shows, and Late Cancels, along with updated instructions on the page.


Improved UI for attendance-only users

August 21, 2023

Attendance-only users can now view a class before taking attendance to see who has made a reservation. Returning users will see a temporary banner to help them understand how this change affects them.


Improved warning for manual waitlist moves

August 15, 2023

When an admin or staff member manually moves a customer off of a waitlist, the system now provides a better warning before confirmation. If the class or series is already full, the system will alert the user that this action will result in overbooking. This improvement is particularly beneficial for cases where a Series reservation is moved off the waitlist, as the system makes it clear that the move impacts the entire series, not just an individual class. The instance they are viewing may not be full, but the series as a whole may be at capacity (because individual reservations may be allowed within the series).


Better labelling of class & series reservations

August 15, 2023

To help admins & staff distinguish between reservations for individual classes versus those for an entire series, we now label each reservation as either “Class” or “Series” when you view a particular class. Tooltips are available when you hover over the labels to provide further explanation.


Performance of Stripe purchases page improved

August 15, 2023

The page that lists all purchases made through Stripe has been significantly improved for better performance.


New! Automated payment collection from waitlisted customers

July 18, 2023

Now when a customer moves from the waitlist into a ticketed class, Punchpass will automatically assign them an unpaid ticket and send them an email asking them to pay. So you won’t need to track them down to collect payment — the customer can follow the email instructions and pay for the class online.


New! Extend all active memberships

July 17, 2023

We’ve added the ability for businesses to extend the expiration date of all active memberships. So if your business is taking a break, you can give your members more time before their next renewal by moving their membership expiration date later. Just go to Manage Passes & Click the ‘Actions’ menu to make changes to multiple memberships at once.


Improved user experience when admin cancels class

July 12, 2023

We’ve improved the user experience when an admin cancels an upcoming class. Now, regardless of where you are in the app when you cancel it, we always show a large, detailed pop-up box.

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