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Top-viewed support articles

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How can I convert to Punchpass?

Say goodbye to your old system and start fresh! We can help convert your customers to Punchpass quickly and easily.

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What are my options for taking payments with Punchpass?

Punchpass offers perfectly seamless payment integration with our partner, Stripe. You can let your customers pay using cash or other methods too.

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Can I set up a separate schedule for additional offerings?

If you offer more than group classes, you can set up a separate schedule so your customers can book training, gym sign-ups, and massage appointments separately.

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How to launch Punchpass to your students

When it’s time to roll out Punchpass to your customers, here’s how to launch and let your students know how to sign up and start booking classes.

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How do I add my instructors, staff, and other users to my Punchpass account?

It’s easy to set up new users and make sure your teachers and other staff have the right level of access to Punchpass.

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How do I take attendance?

It’s fast and easy to mark attendance in Punchpass so you can keep your records up-to-date with no hassle.

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