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Introducing Automations – Helpful workflows to save you time & grow your business

Let Punchpass automate some of your current workflows, so you can get back to teaching! With integrated email templates, automations allow you to enable customized marketing and effortless follow-up.

November 7, 2023

We’re excited to announce a new feature that has been a long time coming – Automations! These are triggered workflows within Punchpass that you are able to customize so they work the way you want.

Have you ever wanted to

  • Send every new customer a welcome email?
  • Send an email after specific classes are booked?
  • Send a follow-up email to customers who purchase a pass….and then don’t book after a certain amount of time?
  • Assign customers who purchase certain passes a bonus pass?

These are just a few of the scenarios that Punchpass can now handle for your automatically! What’s even better, is we have built Automations to work seamlessly with our Email Templates functionality – so an automation can send a customized email based on the pass purchase or class booking that triggered the automation! 🎉

How many are there?

We’re launching with 7 Automation Templates, with more on the way soon. Many of the templates can be used to create multiple automations. For example you may want to automatically send a certain email when customers book a yoga class….but a different email when they book a pilates class.

How are these different from something like a Zapier integration?

There are a couple of downsides to services like Zapier. First – they’re expensive! Second, most of the actual ‘work’ our clients were asking us for was work that Punchpass was uniquely positioned to do. Send an email to a customer, assign a new pass to a customer, etc. Because Automations is part of Punchpass, they have more context and information about your customers so we can enable workflows that just aren’t easily done (or possible at all!) with a service like Zapier.

How do I get started?

Just go to Manage Settings > Automations to get started. In just a few steps, you’ll have your first automation saved and ready to go:

  • Choose a template from the list at the bottom
  • Each template setup is different, depending on what it does! But many templates will have you create the email that gets sent first. Don’t worry – we’ve created great ‘defaults’ to start with, and you can always edit it again later.
  • Then you’ll choose details around the ‘trigger’ of the workflow. For example, if you want Punchpass to send an email after a specific pass is purchased….you’ll be asked which pass.

Here’s a quick video we made that walks through creating two different automations:

An overview of Automations – what they are and how to create them in Punchpass.

What plans are these available on?

All of our current Punchpass plans! There are some limitations on how many automations you can create depending on your plan. To start Willow plans are allowed 3 automations, Banyan 10 automations, and Redwood can create unlimited.

What are some examples of Automations people have built?

  • Every time a new customer is created, assign them a 1 visit punchcard so they can try a class for free.
  • Assign every customer who purchases a new pass in December with a bonus 2 visit punchcard.
  • Send a custom email to anyone who has booked any of our 3 week series, to explain policies and expectations.
  • Send a welcome email to every new customer. 👋
  • Send a Happy Birthday email to customer’s on their birthday. 🎂
  • If a customer purchases a pass, send them an email if they haven’t made a reservation or attended a class after 3 days. Send another email if they still haven’t after 6 days.

We’re very excited about how this feature has come together. It’s a true ‘Punchpass’ feature – simple, easy to use, but also configurable and powerful. And it works in conjunction with our other functionality to enhance what you already have in your booking system. Have questions? Reach out to support – we’re happy to chat!