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Tuesdays & Thursdays at 7:00 AM

Flexible fitness studio software that makes life easy for you and your customers.

No more navigating complicated features, clumsy setup, or tracking down clients who owe you money. Punchpass makes running your fitness business a breeze. Painlessly manage your schedule, sell packages, take attendance, and LOADS more.

Join over 1,500 fitness studios, trainers and instructors worldwide that use Punchpass.

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Why Punchpass?

Your booking software is using you

We believe exceptional software sells itself (not pushy sales reps), more features does not always mean better, and intuitive software should be time-saving as well as headache-free.

You shouldn’t be an asset that’s squeezed for profit.

Our team is constantly listening & innovating with our customers. Our customers and THEIR customers love the ease of use and short lead time to get started with Punchpass.

We handle the details

You have to manage your class schedule, organize spreadsheets, run reports, oversee multiple instructors, and keep track of who paid and who didn’t – the list of numbers to track is endless.

Punchpass is a complete solution to keep you organized and streamline business tasks. We have a 5-star customer service team ready to walk you through the techy-stuff and offer speedy support when you need it.

Add classes

Quickly build your schedule of classes, including repeating classes, one-time classes, private sessions, and series.

Custom filters let you segment your classes the way YOU want. Your schedule is critical for your customers - Punchpass makes managing your schedule a breeze.

Create Passes

Add as many unlimited & punchcard passes as you need. Customize expiration dates, when passes expire, and when passes become active. You can designate which classes a pass can be used you rich flexibility to design special passes and events.

Manage Your Schedule

Customize how your schedule looks, both color and what data is shown. Punchpass provides both a calendar and list view to accommodate different web devices.

Every client receives public schedule pages, or you can embed your schedule on your own website (no extra 'widget' needed!)

Take Attendance

Take attendance with one click. Quickly add a new customer, or assign a new pass. Use an iPad as a kiosk and allow customers to self check-in.

Punchpass check in is FAST - we know you have clients waiting!!

Review Reports

Detailed reports tell you how your business is growing, which classes are most popular, which customers are your best....and who could use a reminder!

Teach Classes Online With A Single Click

Online Classes with Zoom

Punchpass has seamless integration with Zoom so you can offer your live classes online. We make it easy for you to monetize your online classes & keep your community growing stronger together. đź’Ş

Content Library for Recorded Videos

We offer an integrated content library so you can provide access to your video recordings. You can require payment and/or offer your videos for free. It's both powerful and user-friendly.

"Our first live online Zoom workout could not have gone any better. The integration through Punchpass made it seamless for our customers. You guys rock!!!"

Elevate Fitness & Wellness
Coldwater, OH

All the features you need, yet incredibly simple to use.

"I had MindBody Online and was so frustrated with it. Punchpass is simple, to the point and exactly a great fit! Simple and sweet!! Goodbye MindBody and hello Punchpass. LOVE IT!!"

Stephanie - Stillness Yoga, Marietta, GA
Online class schedule
Sell passes and memberships online
Zoom integration for online classes
Content library for recorded videos
Automated email receipts and reminders
Unlimited classes
Unlimited passes
Unlimited instructors
Detailed Revenue reports

Our blog - Pass the punch!

Updates to Punchpass functionality, articles on how to run and improve your fitness business, and anything else we find interesting!

"I am absolutely thrilled your product exists. Punchpass is the perfect balance of clean and clear design, carefully considered user experience, and a price point that is supportive of small businesses like mine."

Studio One
New Zealand
Who it’s for?

Any small business who runs group classes. Punchpass is awesome for yoga studios, fitness studios, dance classes, gyms, personal trainers, and coaches.

But LOTS of other types of business love Punchpass too!

Passes that fit your studio

Single visit, 10 visit, unlimited visits, or recurring memberships – Punchpass lets you sell any digital pass you need. Create and offer unlimited passes and memberships with each of the plans we offer.

Your passes represent the time you are selling - Punchpass helps you keep track of your inventory.

20 Visit Punchcard
2 / 20 visits used
Sept 4, 2017
Sept 4, 2017

Punchpass will help you manage and grow your business

Track what is most important

Track your passes, customers, reservations, online purchases, and your schedule. Everything you need is in this simple, easy-to-use program.

Stop wasting time

Punchpass is fast where it counts - creating a new customer, taking attendance, and assigning a new pass.

Learn more about your business

Easily see your revenue by month, or export the raw data to really dig into it in Excel or Quickbooks. Which pass is your best-seller? Did last month's promotion pay off?

Keep your customers coming back

You work hard to get those customers - Punchpass helps you keep them! Email your customers anytime right from Punchpass. Reach one person, a whole class, or any assortment of your customers in a jiffy.

"Punchpass has changed my business. Check-in is so much faster, and I know exactly how my business is doing. L.O.V.E.‍"

AliKat Moves
Framingham, MA

Customer facing pages to help you grow

Punchpass also gives you public facing, customizable pages that your customers can use to view your schedule, purchase passes, make class reservations, and log into their accounts. Don't have your own website? No problem! Many Punchpass clients use their Facebook page as their website, and their Punchpass page for customers.

Mobile friendly

Your customers expect to see your schedule and book on the go. Punchpass pages are designed to be mobile first.

No 'app' required

No one wants to download another app. Make it easy for your customers to find you by linking your website to your Punchpass schedule.

Easy to integrate with your website

No extra cost 'widget' required. Embed any of the public pages on your own website.

Completely customizable

You can customize the instructions at the top of the page, the language, and the available customer options. Add your logo to keep your brand front and center.

Get started

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