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How Your Fitness Studio Can Win the Pandemic

Thrive during and after the coronavirus. Run online classes, reduce costs, AND streamline your system. Post your schedule, get bookings, accept payment.

April 22, 2020

Dear Friends,

This is not business as usual. Not for you. Not for your students. Not for us here at Punchpass, either.

So if you are looking for a positive way to respond, we’d like to help you seize this moment.

Run online classes more smoothly, reduce your costs, AND streamline your system. Post your schedule, get bookings, and accept payments.

You can emerge on the other side of the Coronavirus pandemic ready to thrive when your in-person classes resume. You can do this!  

Are we in a time warp?

When COVID-19 still seemed like a distant threat, the team behind Punchpass studio management software sprang into action and quickly introduced features that made a huge difference for the independent fitness, dance, and yoga studios we serve.

Ever since we urged our clients to stay strong & offer classes online, time has been moving at the speed of light.

We are laser focused

The Punchpass team is laser focused on giving you the tools you need to weather the storm of the Coronavirus pandemic.

We’ve introduced seamless integration with Zoom so you can offer classes online while using Punchpass to show your schedule online, accept reservations, sell passes, and keep track of attendance. It’s amazingly simple to use.

We also introduced a content library so you have a one-stop showcase for the classes you’ve recorded on video too.

Your stories have inspired us!

We have loved hearing inspiring stories of strength and success that our clients have shared since they started offering classes online using Punchpass and our seamless Zoom integration.

Bill, Emily, and Dana are great examples of Punchpass clients who’ve thrived in the face of adversity.

We’re learning & sharing alongside you

We offered two webinars recently that were packed full of great information about keeping your community engaged, along with lots of tips about offering your classes online.

👉 Online webinar: COVID-19 -Stay Strong & Offer Your Classes Online

👉 Online webinar: Online Classes: Lessons Learned & Tips for Success

We’re here to help 😊

The online classes features we’ve introduced have provided empowerment to fitness studio owners who would otherwise have had no choice but to stop providing their service to the communities that depend on them.

Our small and mighty Punchpass team is so proud to play a role in the survival of these fitness studios and their communities.  We are completely dedicated to being a central driver of success for the businesses we work with.

We made great things possible…then we made the news!

Our founder Chris was featured on the news for the role Punchpass has played in helping fitness studios get through the COVID-19 crisis with online classes. Check out the story here 📺

Chris also talked about Punchpass & our quick pivot to support online classes on the Rework podcast.

We’re so grateful for your love notes! ❤️

The response we’ve received from the Punchpass community during this crisis has been overwhelmingly positive and inspiring.

“Thank you for the Zoom integration!  It is so amazing and it takes so little time. All I have to do is — CLICK! — make this a Zoom class.  Yay!”

“I just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU for making this move to online such a breeze!”

“Who knew creating a Pandemic Virtual Yoga Classroom would be so much fun and so widely attended?”

“You have made me life so much easier during this stressful time! I am so glad I chose your software over others!”

A silver lining?  We met you!!

If you’ve been using a different system & you’re looking for a change, you are not alone! Lots of fitness studios and instructors like you have found their way to Punchpass in the midst of this crisis.

Our system is so easy for you and your clients to use, and your students are going to love it — whether you’re offering classes online or in-person.

You can get through this & THRIVE

We hope you’ll use this critical moment to evaluate your software options and take positive steps toward your future. Run online classes more smoothly, reduce your costs, AND streamline your system for when your in-person classes resume.

Try Punchpass for free for 2 weeks to see what it’s all about. There’s no obligation, and we don’t take your credit card. You can kick the tires & see if it’s right for you.

We’d love to help you get through this crazy time (and beyond).

Let us know if there’s anything we can do for you and your business 🙏