Make Online Class Recordings Available Through Your Content Library

Punchpass' integrated content library lets you post videos for your customers

Super Simple

Punchpass gives you a one-stop shop to showcase your online content.

Link to videos you've posted on YouTube or Vimeo or upload your content directly to Punchpass.  

Super Flexible

You can choose who gets access to your different videos and when your content can be accessed.

Release Recordings to the Right People at the Right Time

Adjust the level of access, depending on the content.

  • You can make some videos available to the general public, keep others hidden until a client logs in to their account, and reserve your most exclusive content for paying customers only.
  • You can time the availability of each piece of content by adjusting its start & end dates.
  • You can pin featured content to the top -- so your welcome videos can be the first things your customers see.
  • You can also link content directly to a class. So you can schedule the class & let it run with your recorded class video. Only customers who have reservations to that class can log in and view it at the scheduled class time.

Keep Your Community Thriving

Give Your Customers What They Want

Your clients want YOUR online classes -- not generic workouts from strangers on the internet.

It's Easier Than You Think

Getting started is super easy. We give you the tools to start simple and grow from there.

Reduce Your Income Stress

Recorded online classes let you keep an income stream during uncertain times and reach more customers.

Keep Your Customers Coming Back

Your recorded classes let you be a regular presence in your customers lives and routine.

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