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Keeping attendance using paper is the worst. Spreadsheets are a pain. You need a system that is simple and intuitive. You’ve found that other online solutions are cumbersome and expensive.

Meet the Team

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about Chris

Chris brought Punchpass to life by putting his nose to the grindstone and coding from the ground up, teaching himself what he needed to know along the way.  He continues to be the optimistic and innovative leader of our whole team.

When he isn’t working hard to bring the future into the present, Chris is constantly finding ways to enrich and challenge himself. He is often found listening to business and tech podcasts and hitting the slopes of Vermont to ski with the whole Patton crew, including his wife and two teenagers.

about Sharon

Sharon has been a whole-hearted advocate for our clients since Punchpass was in its infancy. She listens, cares, and spreads the word of Punchpass.  She uses her skills as a detailed problem solver to help keep our team organized, and her marketing plans are worthy of an astrophysics thesis.

When Sharon is not immersed into Punchpass, she goes on regular adventures with her husband and their nearly-grown children. By night, you'll find her at home in Vermont by the fire pit, sharing great food and drink with friends.

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about Victoria

Victoria is a master at supporting our clients, both in person and online.  She has a deep understanding of what they want and need, and her calmness and warmth are instantly reassuring.  Her knowledge is amplified across the globe by the articles and videos she creates for the Punchpass Help Center.

When not online, Victoria loves to dance at her local studio in Portland, Maine.  She and her husband share time exploring great restaurants, hockey games, skiing, and visiting her many friends and family all across the Northeast.

about Michael

Michael's work is equal parts functional and beautiful, as he improves the look and workflow of Punchpass from his home in Belgium.  He's unique among our team of native English speakers since his first language is French.  But his warmth and strong commitment to his community translate easily.

During his free time, he’s most often with family, including his partner and their 3 young children. Together they’re creating a sustainable hobby farm and edible forest in their backyard  – complete with chicken coop, pond & a dozen different fruit trees.

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about Claire

Claire's candor and witty way with words provide heart to our client messaging and social media feeds.  She's also the owner of Salt Yoga in Adelaide, Australia and (of course!) uses Punchpass daily to run her studio.  Her unique perspective informs her work, and her can-do attitude makes it happen.

Claire puts smiles on the faces of everyone around her, most notably her husband and two young sons.  They love to spend weekends checking out local events, watching sports games, and visiting their local beach.

about Gus

Gus makes the most complicated programming tasks look easy, and he's undaunted by any technical challenge. He's got a wide array of interests, including world history, philosophy, cooking, aviation, mechanical watches, coffee and wine.

When he's not at his computer, he loves seeking out new adventures in his beloved Jeep Wrangler. Our team lives vicariously through him as we follow his beach & desert explorations in his sunny home country of Mexico.

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about Erin

Erin's sharp coding skills keep the front end of Punchpass looking stellar. But before she became tech-focused, Erin spent years doing event marketing. She kept the airlines afloat with her traveling -- she's been to all 50 states and 56 countries (!)

Erin recently relocated from her native Pennsylvania to Tulsa, Oklahoma. She spends her free time exploring her adopted city with her husband, Alex, while they try in vain to wear out their exuberant puppy, Bruce.

about Leah

Leah brings broad and deep technical experience to her role in customer success. Her keen insights provide particular value to our team's plans and processes, and her calm demeanor inspires confidence from our community.

When she's not at the business end of a client conversation, she loves to dive deep into learning. Business books are a favorite, and she's been known to speed read them (!). Leah loves the outdoors, and she's happiest while exploring the Maine coast with Kelso, her beloved elderly rescue dog.

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about Eric

Eric's fierce programming skills keep Punchpass software running like clockwork. He's a native New Yorker who now calls Montreal home. Though his French is still a bit rusty, his computer language skills are razor-sharp.

Outside of work, he enjoys hiking, traveling, gardening, making the backyard a welcoming place for local wildlife, and most recently, parenting.

"I found it much more comfortable to me -- being so small -- going to Punchpass. It felt much more personal."

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