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How to Leave MindBody & Get More From Your Class Management Software

Looking for an alternative to MindBody? Join our webinar & get inspired to make a positive change.

Everyone seems to be looking for a less expensive & less complicated alternative to MindBody.

But what should you be looking for?

Use this critical moment to evaluate your software options and take positive steps toward your future. Run online classes more smoothly, reduce your costs, AND streamline your system for when your in-person classes resume.

You can emerge on the other side of the COVID-19 crisis ready to thrive.

Attending this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How Punchpass is different from MindBody.
  • Why it might be a better match for your business.
  • Stories from other businesses who’ve moved.
  • Answers to your most frequently asked questions.
  • How to make the switch.

Join us!

Try Punchpass for 14 days, on us. No credit card required.