Punchpass is a simple alternative to MindBody software

"I use MindBody Online but hate it..."

We hear this a lot.  If you're thinking of making the switch from MindBody software to Punchpass, we want to make the decision as easy as possible. So, we’ve put together some info that’ll help you decide which competitor is best for you.

Here's more about why you should consider switching...

1) Punchpass is easier to use

When a tool is too complicated, it can waste hours of your time with no increased benefit. Punchpass is easy to set up, and it's easy to use. No training is required for you or your instructors. It will make sense right away, and you'll be cruising along in no time. Your customers will find it simple to use too.

"I have been using MindBody for almost two years, and it way too complex for what I need and honestly been a nightmare at times that I don’t have time for."

"Your product is much easier to use than MindBody."

"Many of my clients couldn’t figure out how to use MindBody."

"I use MindBody right now, but it has way more than what I need. And my instructors get frustrated with it even after two years!"

"We have been beyond happy that we decided to switch from MB to you a year or two ago. Having the zoom integration and content library have been soo helpful."

Yoga Corner
Perth, Australia

2) Punchpass is built for independent studios and instructors

As a small business, we understand how important every minute and every dollar is to you. We've designed Punchpass to be simple and flexible. So you can present your small business in a custom way without unnecessary complications.

We've also packed some unique, small business-friendly features into every single one of our plans.

Punchpass has a great self check in feature. Just set up an iPad or tablet near your entrance and let your regulars check in. You can welcome new customers and get ready for class.

You can also email your customers right from Punchpass. You can reach one person, a whole class, or any assortment of your customers in a jiffy.

Punchpass offers great flexibility if you don't have a website. You can show your schedule and sell passes right from Facebook. We'll give you a great online presence without any extra hassle. An email link works too!

Click here for some Frequently Asked Questions we receive from MindBody clients looking to make the switch to Punchpass.

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3) Punchpass is more affordable

We believe that online scheduling software should be affordable for your small businesses. Punchpass is a great value, regardless of your particular needs. We've designed our plans so you don't have to pay for features you don't use. All plans allow unlimited users, instructors, and customers so your bill will stay the same as your business grows. There are no hidden costs or surprises.

Unlike MindBody and some other MindBody software competitors, there is no extra charge to embed your schedule on your website. "Widgets" are included 😀.

Our plans start at only $39 per month (USD). Click for pricing details.

"You guys are the best! Blows MindBody out of the water."

LeRose Dance & Fitness
Westhampton Beach, NY

4) Punchpass has top notch service

We’re committed to your success at Punchpass. That’s why we check in with every single customer to proactively answer any questions you may have.

We're here for you with personal support. Our customer service is quick, friendly, and awesome. We have a terrific online support database too so you can get answers anytime, day or night.

"I have done a lot of research on software systems, and Punchpass seems like the best one for me. MindBody is just too complicated and the other MindBody competitors were either too expensive or just not the right fit."

"A friend says she uses Punchpass, that it simple and perfect for what she needs."

"I have only a few classes and workshops, so something like MindBody is far too big, bulky and cumbersome and expensive!

"I’m so glad I found an alternative to MindBody. I’ve used that program so much and don’t see why everyone uses it. Punchpass is perfectly simple and intuitive."

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5) Punchpass won't hold you hostage

Punchpass is a month-to-month service, and we'll never make you sign a long term contract. You can cancel at any time, and you will not be billed again once your current month of service has ended.

A quote from a customer saying "Hi Chris! I'm definitely switching to Punchpass, but I'm waiting for mindbody to allow me to cancel"

“With MindBody it was SO complicated. You guys made it easy.”

Girl Fight Fitness
Glenville & Latham, NY

6) Punchpass doesn't pressure you

We want you to have the solution that works best for you. Since all of our plans have a core set of terrific features, you have great options. If you don't need a feature and you want to keep costs down, we'll never try to convince you otherwise. You can always decide to change plans later, as your business grows.

"I was looking at MindBody...it seemed way less user friendly and the sales marketing pestered so much it put me off. Your business has already won me over."

"Tried MindBody software. Learning curve is too much. Also, too much sales pressure."

Thank for you a seamless transition from MindBody. It is unbelievable not to have any complaints from customers during such a huge change in my business. Some have actually thanked me for making it easier to book and to keep improving the studio. Everyone loves how easy the interface is, especially me. In four days I was able to do your trial, setup the whole system, change my website, cancel MB and move 100% to your service with no major problems.

Zumba People | Fit Dance Studio
Southlake, Texas

Are we the MindBody competitors you've been waiting for?

We get a lot of folks like you who transfer from MindBody.
We know it's a big change, and we want to make it as easy as possible for you!

See for yourself whether Punchpass is right for you

Making the switch is easy. You can get set up on Punchpass in just a few minutes. We're glad to help along the way, so don't hesitate to ask questions as you get to know Punchpass.

We' can convert your customer list into Punchpass once you decide it's right for you. There's no charge for us to import your data :)

You're invited to start a free trial! That way you can poke around the system & see what you've been missing.

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The trial is completely free for two weeks -- we don't take your credit card, and there's absolutely no obligation. Sometimes it's good to get a feel for things so you can see for yourself what it's like.

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