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Fresh, New Fitness Class Ideas that Leverage the Latest Trends

Ready to return to group fitness classes and training programs? Freshen up your fitness class schedule with new ideas from 2021's fitness industry trends.

June 9, 2021

Ready to capitalize on the pent up demand for returning to group fitness classes and training programs? It’s time to freshen up your programming with new fitness class ideas right from the latest fitness industry trends.

Here are some buzz-worthy upgrades you can make to your group fitness class schedule in 2021 that will rev up your customer base.  

Take Your Fitness Classes Outdoors

Outdoor fitness is one of the strategies deployed during the pandemic that is likely to stick around — at least during warmer weather.

Take outdoor fitness programming to the next level by creating a special class series that showcases a spot of natural beauty in your community – the beach, lake, mountainside or park – and make sure to promote it where tourists look for local events.

A few tips for outdoor fitness classes:

  • Make sure you check with your local authorities to secure any required permits for use and find out if there are noise restrictions.
  • Consider using portable speakers and an instructor’s wireless microphone.
  • Invite local musicians to pair up with you and promote the events to their fans.
  • Choose a spot with ample shade.
  • Schedule your class or event earlier in the day or in the late afternoon or evening to avoid the heat of midday.

Create Opportunities for Social Connection

We’re all craving social connection. What better way to support your community than to provide them with safe, healthy ways to come together? Here are a few ideas for generating fun, new ways to engage:

1. Host a community picnic or barbecue at a local outdoor venue

Include a complimentary sport – like a fun run, paddle boarding, swim or bike ride – and consider making it family-friendly for all ages and ability levels.

2. Choose a local charity to partner with and set up an event modeled after school field day fun

Team fitness competitions and fitness challenges that use childhood games like tag and flag football are among this year’s top fitness trends. Donate a portion of your event’s proceeds.

3. Start a regular after-class gathering at local outdoor eatery

Think a coffee break after your Saturday morning class or “taco Tuesdays” after a popular evening class. Leverage a local restaurant, coffee house or smoothie bar and co-promote. Consider offering mutual discounts. It’s easy to do using the promo code feature in Punchpass!

4. Host a Bring-a-Friend class, mother-daughter or father-son/daughter class

…and let the friend attend class for free!

Offer Restorative Fitness Class Options

Many of us have experienced high levels of stress during the last year, combined with lackluster fitness levels. There’s huge demand for complimentary fitness class options that provide post-workout opportunities to unwind safely, rehab and rejuvenate.

  1. Offer LISS (low intensity steady state) options. LISS is emerging as a cross-training option analogous to HIIT (high intensity interval training) in 2021. This fitness training method involves cardio, or low-intensity steady-state cardio, where students maintain the same low-intensity pace for a set period of time, usually for a minimum of 30 minutes.
  2. Add restorative or Yin yoga to your group class schedule and combine it with a meditation and relaxation session.
  3. Offer a special workshop or class series focused on mindfulness and meditation. Consider hosting your class in a peaceful spot in nature or including a walk or hike in nearby natural surroundings.

Combine Fitness Methods Into a Hybrid Workout

Another emerging trend is blending multiple fitness methods into one, new class format. For example, bringing yoga and Pilates together with dance moves, or incorporating some HITT elements into a power yoga or yoga with weights class, pairing spin with dance fitness or yoga, blending step aerobics with Zumba, martial arts with dance or yoga. The combinations are literally endless if you get creative!

Plus, you have the opportunity to invite in guest instructors from your local community.

Combine Music and Fitness for a Rockin’ Good Time

There’s no faster way to elevate everyone’s mood than by incorporating music into your class theme. Think Summer 80’s Remix or Friday Night DJ Beats and spice up your lineup. If you teach yoga or meditation, could you incorporate live harp, guitar or other relaxing music.

Many group fitness instructors are incorporating movement with musical rhythms to really get their student’s heart rates up and keep them motivated with the musical fun factor. Pair your playlist to the intensive level and movements of your class sequence.

Again, bringing live music into your classroom is a fantastic way to support local artists and gain additional exposure through community marketing. Collaborating with others is one of the best ways to grow and thrive in your local community.

Whatever you do to jazz up your offerings right now, don’t forget to have fun with it. If you’re having fun, your customers will get drawn into the fun too!