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How To

Build a Library of Online Classes for Your Gym or Yoga Studio

Punchpass fitness studio software gives you a content library so you can give your clients restricted access to the videos you've posted on YouTube or Vimeo.

April 30, 2020

Record and Post Your Class Videos: Build a Library of Online Classes for Your Fitness or Yoga Studio

We are so impressed with those of you who’ve had the courage to keep your communities and businesses alive by getting in front of the camera, taking a deep breath, and going for it with live, online classes using Punchpass’s simple integration with Zoom.

And we’re excited to help you take another step forward! You can take all the classes you’ve recorded and turn them into an additional revenue source using Punchpass’s brand new online content library.

Now you can give your tribe even more access to you and the classes they love — which means retaining and growing your membership and pass sales.

And who knows? You might just emerge from this pandemic thriving.

The way we work out has changed forever, and the opportunity before us now is to embrace technology and meet our communities where they are: at home and looking for new ways to stay happy and healthy.

Your Online Class Library is Here!

Punchpass’ new online content library feature is super simple but has a lot of flexibility for you to set up access that fits your needs best.

Store Your Videos Where You Want Them

You can quickly and easily link to videos you’ve posted on YouTube or Vimeo… or you can upload your recorded Zoom content directly to Punchpass.

Share Your Videos With Only Those You Choose

You can fully customize who can view your recorded classes. For example, you can make some videos available to the public, keep others hidden until a client logs in to their account, and reserve your most exclusive content for paying customers only.

Release Your Videos Over Time

You can stagger the availability of each piece of content by adjusting its start & end dates.

How to Price and Give Access to Your Online Library

Give Out Some Teaser Material

Consider making a handful of your content library’s classes free, as a “teaser.” We’ve seen customers generate a lot of interest and participation in their online classes by offering some of them to the public, for free. This builds goodwill with your community, makes it easy for them to share with their friends on social media, and makes you and your classes a part of your student’s daily routine.

You can make some free content available widely on your public pages… and you make additional free content available to those who log in to Punchpass from your public schedule.

Sell Access To Your Best Content

The next step is to use Punchpass to create a special online membership or pass offer for live and recorded classes.

A good bet for membership retention is to offer your existing clients a monthly pass that’s discounted from what they paid previously, and allow them access to both live classes and your new content library. Or you could offer access to the video class library as an optional add-on at an additional monthly fee. You have the flexibility to offer classes for a limited time, or specifically for individuals if you work with private clients.

Giving Folks A Break

We’re all in this together, and you know that some folks need your help more than others.

Want to give back to those in your community who are on the front line of the Covid crisis? You can give them a special discount code so they can have reduced cost or complimentary access to your classes.

We’re so excited to give you another tool in your toolbox for the continued disruption we’re all experiencing. If you’re a Punchpass client & you’re ready to dive in, click here for learn how to get started with your content library.