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15 Opportunities for Your Fitness Business During COVID

Your small fitness businesses can survive and come out on the other side of current circumstances stronger and more vital. The key is to try new ideas.

September 23, 2020

Let’s face it. The coronavirus pandemic is tough, especially on small fitness business owners. The uncertainty is frustrating – you’ve shut down and reopened, sometimes multiple times, and we still don’t know what is ahead.

It’s scary. You may fear for your health and that of your staff and students. And this virus is not only taking a physical toll, but a huge financial one as well.

What we know about weathering times of crisis is that we need to acknowledge the pain. Change, especially when it’s forced upon us, hurts. But in the words of the poet Kahlil Gibran, “Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding.”

In the midst of trying times, there are always those who reframe challenges by looking for the opportunity.

Those small fitness businesses that survive can come out on the other side of current circumstances stronger and more vital. The key is to be open to transforming, and continue to create and innovate.

At Punchpass, we were among the first fitness business software platforms to integrate with Zoom, and offer our customers a simple way to launch online video streaming. We rapidly added hosting for pre-recorded content so that our customers could build on-demand video content libraries to keep students active and engaged.

We urge you to join us in moving past your fear and frustration and into a space where you can create new possibilities for growing your business. If you keep going when others don’t, there’s tremendous opportunity.

We don’t have all the answers, but we do have some questions that just might open up some new pathways for you as we continue this journey together:

1. Take Time To Create Value

How are you spending your working hours each day? Can you dedicate a portion of each day to creating, innovating and building undeniable value for your customers?

2. Outreach is Important

Do you have a plan for customer outreach, retention and re-engagement and are you and your team actively working it every day?

3. Be Clear

Are you communicating clearly with new and existing customers about your in-person and online classes? Is it easy for your customers to find and understand how and when to book classes?

4. Make Booking Easy

Are you prominently displaying your live-streaming and in-person live class schedule and on-demand class programming on your website and clearly giving students a way to sign up and pay.

5. Sharing Makes it Personal

Are you taking time to share what’s going on with you, your instructors, your business and your most loyal students on social media, in emails and on your website?

6. Maximize Your Recorded Content Library

Have you and your team considered all the ways you could create diverse hybrid or online programs using your Punchpass on-demand content library? Here are just a few idea-starters:

  1. Online and Hybrid Teacher Trainings
  2. Multi-week Class or Workshop Series
  3. Virtual Challenges with Teams and Prizes
  4. Private Coaching and Training Sessions
  5. Regularly Schedule Virtual Community Meet-Ups and Discussions
  6. Inspirational Talks
  7. Lifestyle Programs
  8. Kids Workouts

7. Have A Support Group

How can you team up with your instructors or other local small business owners to alleviate burn out and motivate and lift each other up?

8. Give Back

Can you launch or support a special event to benefit people in need in your community?

9. Consider Flexible Pricing

Have you considered donation-based events or classes?

10. Create New Partnerships

Is there a way to partner with local schools or businesses to offer virtual classes?

11. Broaden Your Reach

Have you identified “influencers” with online audiences, like Facebook Group owners or teachers with a large Instagram following who would be excited to share information about your offerings with their communities?

12. Try An Online Contest

What fun, engaging contest could you launch through social media to inspire your community to get active, take classes, and post photos with your hashtag online?

13. Double-Down on Social Media

How can you exponentially increase your engagement with new and existing students online through your instructors? Could you take time each week to create and send your instructors fun things to post to their social media accounts?

14. Hold Fresh-Air Classes

Can you host classes outdoors? How about finding an open-air space through another local business with a rooftop or patio? Maybe they’ve been closed as well and would be happy to co-market with you?

15. Consider A Coupon

What local businesses that are doing delivery or curbside pick up would be happy to put a little free class coupon in each bag with a discount code or free trial offer?

Don’t let pandemic fatigue get you down. Now is the time to hit that reset button and pull out all the stops. Resist the urge to isolate. Remember, right now, we all could use a little extra love and attention, so keep finding ways to boost your tribe, and they will boost you in return.

As the saying goes, pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional. These are trying times, but there is a way to thrive!