Yoga Teachers Are Human Too | Ep.7

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In Mid’s small yoga studio in the Australian desert, everyone is a familiar face.  

Her tiny community is filled with people who do emotionally challenging social support work, and they rely on yoga to help them stay balanced. Mid is a warm, calm presence to her students, but she is careful to set boundaries around what she shares, and she is respectful of the privacy of her students too. 

So when an injury left her flat on her back, Mid struggled to keep her emotions private, and she agonized over how to deal with the fallout from her weakened state.  Are yoga teachers allowed to take a break from teaching?  How would her students get by without the classes they’ve come to depend on?


  • 0:00 intro to Mid
  • 1:56 Mid and Claire’s first meeting
  • 2:49 Mid’s teaching break 
  • 3:20 Serious injury as a yoga teacher
  • 7:05 What to share with students
  • 10:00 Settling nerves before class
  • 11:25 Handling a tough day as an instructor 
  • 13:45 Online class option to not be seen
  • 16:14 Managing boundaries with students in a small community 
  • 20:17 Commitment to a class term structure
  • 24:20 Community structure and flexibility
  • 26:42 Online video offerings
  • 32:35 New shared studio space
  • 36:10 The team dream
  • 37:40 Healing as a non-linear journey

Special thanks to Mid, owner of Mid Merry Yoga, for being our special guest on this episode!

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