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Aerial Arts and 20 Foot Ceilings

When her beloved studio closed, Rene transformed herself from a fledgling student to the owner of the largest aerial arts studio in the city of Atlanta.

May 23, 2022 | Ep. 8

Special thanks to Rene, owner of Challenge Aerial, for being our special guest on this episode!

Rene loved being a student in classes at her local aerial studio, despite her modest skill level.  

So when it closed down, she and two other students hatched a plan to create an amazing new aerial studio.

They mapped out the ideal spot and discovered the perfect space – a grand ballroom with 20-foot ceilings that was being used for storage.  

When one of Rene’s business partners died unexpectedly and the other moved away, Rene carried on. She now owns the largest aerial arts studio in Atlanta, where they offer 100 classes a week in a wide range of modalities, from aerial silks to techno ballet.


  • 0:00 Meet Rene and Challenge Aerial
  • 1:37 Starting as a student
  • 3:18 Taking on the studio after it closed
  • 4:30 Finding an elusive 20 foot ceiling space
  • 7:44 Permitting granted!
  • 9:50 Small community to start
  • 10:44 Appeal to parents and children
  • 11:38 Pandemic experience and leading to Punchpass
  • 13:00 Space for social distancing
  • 14:14 Background in public health
  • 16:49 Pandemic policies and stopping the cancellation fees
  • 18:54 Influx of new students with new goals
  • 20:10 Midlife Flyers
  • 21:59 Practice adulting – know your own learning styles!
  • 23:28 Performances and student showcases
  • 26:02 Supporting each other’s success
  • 27:50 What’s next? Live audience performances and ground-based classes

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