More Styles, More Formats, More Access to Yoga | Ep.9

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Yaisa started teaching yoga by accident, while sharing her pile of yoga DVDs with friends during her sabbatical in Egypt. But there’s nothing accidental about the business she’s built since then. 

She believes that no single style of yoga is suitable for all people at all stages, so she packs her studio’s schedule full with a wide array of styles and formats. The more people she can get on the mat, the better.

Her immersive teacher training retreats in Bali (and the trainings she offers in her Australian studio) are jam packed with different styles of yoga. So the teachers under her wing will carry on her tradition of making yoga as accessible as possible for everyone.


  • 0:00 Meet Yaisa 
  • 1:17 Yoga from Singapore to Egypt
  • 4:12 Dreams of retreats and getting trained
  • 5:16 Move to Australia and becoming a full time instructor
  • 6:15 Rookie mistakes as a new instructor
  • 7:51 Physical challenge of 20 classes/week
  • 9:20 Ashtanga practice
  • 9:49 Mysore style 
  • 11:29 Self-practice class
  • 13:30 Teaching Yin
  • 15:20 Student style preferences
  • 18:38 Teaching long hold poses
  • 20:29 Online classes: from skeptic to recording instructions and demos
  • 26:43 Leading teacher training
  • 30:00 Bali teacher training school
  • 31:10 Building a 300 hour training
  • 33:07 Self meditation/practice
  • 35:37 Different options serving the yoga community

Special thanks to Yaisa, owner of Yoga with Yaisa, for being our special guest on this episode!

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