16 Years of Latin Dance Success | Ep.10

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What’s going on at Julia’s dance studio? There’s Latin music emanating from the door and energizing videos on her social media feed – it looks and sounds like a fun place to be! 

And the showcases!  When else do you get the opportunity to put on an amazing costume and get your makeup done if you want? And then you just really enjoy the night. You get on stage and do a couple of numbers. Your friends and family come and they're so impressed!  And then afterward you all enjoy an after-party and have a drink. It's quite an experience.

It’s no wonder that her studio is still going strong after 16 years. Julia’s passion for dance has never wavered and her students continue to connect with the music and fall in love with the dance.


  • 0:00 Intro to Julia and Latino Grooves
  • 1:33 Starting small 16 years ago
  • 3:28 Getting beginners to find the fun
  • 5:00 Social media marketing and events
  • 6:26 The importance of music
  • 7:58 Dancing origin story
  • 9:39 Handling shyness
  • 12:39 Showcases and practicing performance
  • 15:56 Onboarding instructors and managing a team
  • 18:30 Passion for self practice
  • 20:05 Working with a business partner
  • 21:18 Looking forward to teen classes
  • 24:00 Supporting their community with online classes and challenges
  • 27:32 Repetition of the basics -even for upper levels!
  • 29:01 How to teach students to fall in love with the dance

Special thanks to Julia, owner of Latino Grooves Dance Studio, for being our special guest on this episode!

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