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5 Reasons Customers Will Love Your Online Booking System!

Friday, September 28, 2018
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We all know the regular benefits to booking online, but there are some unexpected ways that Punchpass will thrill your students too.

1. Their class feels more like an appointment than a vague plan

This one admittedly sounds a bit strange but is absolutely true - a huge number of our students report feeling more committed to attending the class once they’ve made a booking. Here’s a quote from one - “I kinda like to book in because that sometimes gets me there when life is hectic.”

Once your students have made a reservation their class will seem much more like an appointment than a vague plan so you’ll see them at the studio more often.

2. Your students know that there will be room for them in class

Is there anything worse than getting all of your gear on, finding your mat and driving to the yoga studio only to find that the class is booked out (or cancelled with the dreaded note on the door – see point 2 from our recent post)? It’s the worst! With Punchpass your students are guaranteed a spot in class (you can set different capacity limits for each class type if you like) and if class is full you can offer them a waitlist (more on that below).

Still want to allow drop-ins? Most studios do and you probably don’t want to stand in the way of students just rocking up. When unexpected students arrive you can easily add them to class (and assign them a pass if necessary).

Your students will love using Punchpass as your online booking system

3. If a class is already full students can put themselves on the waitlist and hopefully snag a spot

If you’re not currently using a good online booking system then you’re probably familiar with the last minute (or constant!) stream of bookings and cancellations via text, phone and email.

Keeping your classes full but not overbooked is a balancing act but Punchpass can handle it all for you so you’ll have more time to prepare for your class and focus on things that matter. Our waitlist system will automatically let waitlisted students know when a spot becomes available and if they’re still keen to come they can grab it with one click.

4. Your students can easily see their pass information and purchase a new pass from home or their phone

We know you love connecting with your students but probably about deeper things than how many passes they have left and whether they remembered to book for next Tuesday’s class.

With the Banyan plan on Punchpass your students are able to login to their account and manage all of their bookings and passes online. You’ll spend less time on the boring bits and more time growing your business and having the conversations that matter.

5. Your customers can access your Punchpass schedule from any device

Punchpass is a web-based app which means it works from any internet-enabled device.

We can help you get your instructors and students set up with one-touch access on their phones – it’s a different kind of app that keeps everyone app-y!

So… your customers can book and pay online in a click or two :)

Convinced? Punchpass is ready and waiting to help! Click here if you’re ready to give it a try! 🙌