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Which Pass Gets Punched?

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Every time a customer attends a class, that specific attendance is linked with a customer’s pass. But what if the customer has two or more passes? Here’s how the system determines which pass gets ‘punched’.

First Priority - Any pass that is an Unlimited Pass gets chosen first.

Second Priority - If the customer doesn’t have an Unlimited Pass, then the system looks to see if the customer has a Punchcard that EXPIRES.

Third Priority - Any Punchcard that does not have an expiration date.

This allows our customers to do some experimentation to see what types of passes and marketing specials work best for their business. For example maybe they have traditionally only offered Punchcards that expire in a year. With Punchpass they can…

1) Offer a Groupon punchcard that expires in 3 months. Existing customers can purchase knowing that the Groupon punchcard will get punched first.

2) Offer an Unlimited special pass to existing customers. One Punchpass client offered a 3 month Summer Special Unlimited pass to help drive usage over the summer. Her customers could purchase the pass even if they had existing ‘in progress’ punchcards.

Have an idea for a special you’d like to offer? Let us know and we can explain how Punchpass can help you track it!