New Report to Find Duplicate Emails

We’ve added a new report to help you eliminate duplicate customer emails in your Punchpass account.  Historically, duplicates have been permitted in Punchpass – sometimes people have ‘family’ emails used by multiple people, or perhaps a mother receives the emails for her daughter’s account.

However, there are two upcoming improvements to Punchpass that will require emails to be unique.  The first is auto matching a reservation to a specific customer.  This is in testing now.  It is working great, and it’s saving the testers loads of time!  The second is customer logins - a customer’s email address will be their login to Punchpass. So, the email for each of your customers will need to be unique.

To see your duplicates, go to View Customers, click the Customer Reports dropdown and choose Duplicate Emails at the bottom.  Easy!

When you select the Duplicate Emails report, the list of customers with duplicates will automatically be generated:

If you’ve found duplicates, what do you do about them?  Fair question! Jump here to read our blog post about cleaning them up.