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Support for Punchpass EXPANDED!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

We are excited to announce the release of the Punchpass support knowledge base!  

“What does that mean to me?” you might ask.  We hope that it means you can get more value from Punchpass by learning its ins & outs more easily.  

We have combed through the questions most frequently asked, and we have filled the searchable tool with answers that will help you get the most out of Punchpass & help your business get the biggest bang for your buck from it!  Click here to see for yourself:

We expect the information in the support database to grow and evolve along with Punchpass itself.  When we add a new feature to Punchpass, you’ll see new support articles that will help you use it.  To get to the knowledge base from inside Punchpass, simply click on the Support link in the upper right.

We’d love to hear your ideas for ways to improve the support & guidance we provide.   What was the biggest learning curve for you as you began using Punchpass?  How can we ease that learning curve for future users?  Are there things about Punchpass that you could still use more help with?

Please send us your input and additional questions by emailing  We are more than happy to provide clarification, and you’ll provide insight that will help us tweak the support database for others in the Punchpass community.  We have so much to learn from each other!   Please don’t hesitate to reach out.  The support database is here to enhance our communication with each other, not to reduce it.