Spring Cleaning - June Punchpass Updates!

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

We’ve been busy the past couple of months adding some nice new features to Punchpass, and we want to make sure you know about them all!

New! Product Updates Page

Now we will list all changes & updates to Punchpass on our new changelog page! Eventually we’ll integrate this within the app itself. But for now if you go to the footer at and click on ‘What’s New’ you’ll be able to find out…well…what’s new!


No more confusion around free classes

We no longer flag customers as needing a pass for a free class, and won’t flash a message in self-checkin telling them they need one. Registration for free classes has been opened up - for classes where you require an active pass, if a specific class is marked Free we allow open registration. So it’s MUCH easier to offer the occasional free class and make sure it’s not a hassle for people to register.

Customers can update the credit card used for Memberships

You can now send customers a special link they can use to update the credit card used to pay for their membership. Logged in customers can do it right from their account! This makes managing membership payments much easier to manage.


Limit how far into the future customers can reserve

Now you can show your schedule well into the future AND still limit how far out customers can reserve. No more reservations 3 months out that people forget about! 😬 Go to Manage Account (Account Settings), Reservation/Schedule Settings to set a limit.

Hey, who made that reservation?

Now you can find out! Visit the Reservations report, and we list if the reservation came from an Admin, from the customer via the public registration form, from a logged in customer, or from a Standing Reservation. Very helpful when you are trying to troubleshoot where a reservation came from.

Help/Messaging widget moved to the nav bar on mobile

Maybe it’s me and my big thumbs, but I was always triggering the messaging app on my phone when using Punchpass. 😅 The lower right corner is not a good spot for that kind of thing! Now we’ve moved it up top and out of the way (but right there if you need it!)


Custom Image for Facebook sharing

Punchpass provides an image for when someone shares a class or schedule on Facebook. It’s a great image…but it might not be a fit for YOUR business. Now it’s super easy to add your own! Just go to Manage Account (Account Settings), Reservation/Schedule Settings and scroll to the bottom to add a Share image that reflects your business.

Multiple Mobile Improvements

We’ve made a number of small updates to improve the experience in mobile. The Date/Time picker has been changed to make choosing much easier. And the new customer reservation form on the class details page now lets you search, instead of scrolling through hundreds of names.