New - Auto Repeating Passes

A highly requested feature is live today - auto repeating passes. These are passes that renew automatically until cancelled. You can set them for any length of time that you can set passes today (weekly, monthly, etc.)

Many customers have clients who auto pay every month for their passes - now this type of arrangement is supported in Punchpass!

Here’s how to set them up:

First - set up a new pass in Manage Account. Choose Yes so the pass auto-repeats.

You assign this pass to customers just like any other pass. Punchpass will see when the pass has expired, and will create a new pass with the exact same time period. Note - this process also works with Punchcards. If the customer uses all of their punches, the pass will be inactive until it expires, then a new fresh pass will be issued to them.

If you click on the Customer’s account, and then on the active pass you will see a flag telling you it is an auto-repeating pass.

To turn the pass ‘off’ simply click the link. The pass will continue to be eligible for classes through the end of it’s current term…but it will NOT be renewed. So if a customer tells you halfway through the month that they need to cancel their auto-debit, you can turn off the auto-repeat on the pass, while still leaving it good for the rest of the current month.

Each new pass will be registered in the Pass Purchases report as a new separate purchase (which should then match your auto debit statements!) To see all of your active auto-repeating passes use the Active Pass Overview report in the Customers section of Punchpass.

Hope this helps you get more clients to commit to a regular ongoing relationship!