Punchpass Keeps on Growing 🔥

Friday, February 2, 2018
Our Team

We couldn’t be more excited to tell you about our newest team member! Claire joins us from Adelaide, South Australia where she runs her own gorgeous studio – Salt Yoga. Not coincidentally, she has been using Punchpass to manage her studio for the past year and a half.

Claire is a vocal advocate among yoga teachers and studio owners in her community who are looking for guidance about the best booking system to use. Claire’s enthusiasm for Punchpass prompted a friend of hers to remark that she should work for Punchpass. So she reached out to us and asked if she could….the rest is history! We’re so glad to welcome her to our team so she can share her enthusiasm and knowledge with you. And her Aussie time zone will mean even faster service for many of you around the globe. 🌏

Here are a few of Claire’s own words about her experience with Punchpass…

“From the start I’ve felt very at home with Punchpass. Your customer service is always so genuine and any questions I have are answered promptly and honestly. Upgrades that you’ve promised have been delivered on time and with more functionality than expected.

I really believe that switching to Punchpass has been a huge part of making everything work brilliantly at my studio. I now want to get the word out and provide other yoga teachers, studio owners and other fitness professionals the opportunity to use a system that really works for their needs and those of their customers. I’m already answering lots of questions from my local network of yoga studio owners as they look to make the switch to Punchpass and I’d love to expand my scope to help others too.”

😊 Flattery will get you everywhere, Claire!

Take a minute to say “G’day” to Claire next time you visit us online.