New - Edit Price Paid For Passes

Punchpass now lets you adjust the price paid for a pass, on a purchase-by-purchase basis. So if you offer a customer a discount, or want to pro-rate a pass, now you can and your financial information in Punchpass will be correct!

Here’s how it works:

You still define the cost of a pass in the Passes section of Manage Account. When you assign a new pass to a customer that ‘base’ price is assigned to the pass. But if you click ‘Edit’ to edit the pass purchase, you can then change the price paid. (Just like you might adjust the expiration date or the # of punches.)

This change also means that you can now change the price of a Pass type that you sell, instead of having to create a whole new Pass type. The new price will only affect all the new pass purchases made, not your historical information. So if you decide to raise the price of your 10 Visit Punchcard you can do so without affecting any previous purchases.