Class Length Added To Online Schedule

Now that customers are able to see your class schedule online, it’s important they know how long each class is! Starting today you can add the class length to your schedule.

Show Class Times (If You Want)

There is now a checkbox in Manage Account / Manage Reservation Settings where you can tell Punchpass if you’d like the system to show the class length on the initial schedule page.

For each class, you can change the class length by editing the class in Manage Account. (If your class is a different length from the available options just let us know.) The default is 60 minutes, so no need to make any changes if your classes are an hour long.

IMPORTANT - we will still show the class length on the class reservation page, so it is important that you put the correct class length in the system even if you don’t show the length on the basic schedule.

New Schedule Styling

We’ve also spruced up the schedule! As more and more data was added for each class, it was getting harder to read. The change is slight, but makes the schedule much more readable.