Online Pass Purchasing Added To Punchpass

We’re excited to announce a major addition to Punchpass today - online payments. Now your customers can purchase your passes online.

We have integrated Punchpass with, one of the leading online payment processors that is available in multiple countries around the world. (USA/Canada/UK/Australia being our primary markets.)

Stripe allows you to create your own account, and then connect that account with Punchpass so we can charge on your behalf. The advantage is that the funds flow directly from Stripe to your bank account - they don’t pass through Punchpass. It’s your account and you have complete control over it (including the ability to keep your payment processor the same if you decide Punchpass isn’t right for you.) Stripe is integrated with numerous other products and services as well.

Currently passes are sold from a Punchpass hosted page (just like the online schedule), but we will be enabling embedding the form shortly. The form works great on mobile devices, and the checkout form (designed and created by Stripe) is secure and works on almost any device.

We have written a support article with more details , will be recording a screencast in the next week, and creating a FAQ. We’re excited about this new feature - please feel free to contact us with any specific questions!