New Feature - Online Class Reservations

We’re excited to announce a major feature addition to Punchpass - online class reservations. If you choose, your customers can now reserve spots in class ahead of time.

If you have held off on using Punchpass because your studio was limited in size, or you have equipment that limits the number of students per class, this feature is for you! Like the rest of Punchpass we have worked to make class reservations extremely simple and easy to use - especially for your customers.

How It Works...

Punchpass customers now have a public facing web page that shows their future class schedule. (for an example click the button below) You can link to this page from your website, Facebook page, Zumba profile, etc., and you can customize the header image to reflect your brand. Customers can quickly sign up for classes by filling out a short form.

Inside Punchpass there is a process to match reservations with current customers, or to create new customer accounts. Your customers do not need a log in or account with Punchpass in order to register for classes.

How To Learn More...

First, you can watch two short screencasts that show how to set up class reservations, and how to process reservations received. Second, we wrote a detailed support article walking you step-by-step through the feature.

Finally - you can browse our example site. The button below is an example of what you could put on your website, Facebook page, etc. for your customers to register for your classes.

Register For Classes

UPDATED - 11/18/14 - Included in all plans

Online reservations is now included on all plans. There is no extra charge for using Online Reservations.

Limitations For Now....

This is version 1.0 and there are lots of things we are working on improving. Here are some of the limitations of this initial release:

  • You cannot currently edit the confirmation email your customer receives. (But we made sure it's a nice email!)
  • You cannot choose which classes accept reservations - it's all are eligible or none.
  • You need to email your logo file to us instead of uploading it.
  • No email confirmation is sent to you when a customer registers for a class.
  • Customers can only register for a single class - not multiple classes or series.
  • Only two weeks of classes are shown in your public schedule

We are excited to finally get this feature out to our customers. As always, we’d love to hear from you with feedback or questions.