November 2016 Update

Monday, November 14, 2016

Hey! We’re happy to share more improvements to Punchpass this month. You’ll especially like being able to transfer passes between customers and give clients permanent reservations. Memberships are better than ever too.

New: Transfer Passes

Ever have a customer buy a pass for someone else to use? Now you can transfer a pass from one customer to another. If it’s a membership, you can transfer that too – just move the first pass, and the membership will be reassigned. If you transfer a pass that’s linked to a series, we’ll also move all the class reservations for that series to the new customer (without sending emails). You can only move passes that have not yet been used for attendance.

Screen shot of how to transfer a pass in Punchpass

New: Standing Reservations

You can now add Standing Reservations to pre-register your best customers for their regular class times. So you can manage the spots in your classes better AND provide great service to your loyal clients!

An example of a customer's standing reservation in Punchpass.

To create a standing reservation, just click on Class Reservations (from your Home page), then the Standing Reservations button. A few things to note:

  • Standing reservations may have an end date or be left open ended.
  • Customers are NOT notified when you create a standing reservation for them (but you should email them!)
  • If a customer can’t make it to class one day, an individual reservation can be canceled without changing the standing reservation time.
  • Customers can do it themselves if they have a customer login.
  • If you need to cancel the standing reservation altogether, you can do that easily through the customer’s profile.

Improved: Public Calendar View

Now your public schedule is even clearer to your customers since we grey out past calendar days. We remove some of the details from past classes too.

An image of Punchpass' online class schedule

Improved: Memberships & Stripe

We’ve added some tweaks to make our memberships feature more flexible when you integrate with Stripe. Now if a customer has a membership and you’re connected with Stripe, you’ll see a few different options depending on the membership status…

Convert Memberships to Recurring Credit Card Payment

If the membership was not originally paid with a credit card, you’ll see the option to add one. Automatic credit card payments will start on the following due date.

An image of adding a credit card to a Punchpass recurring membership

NOTE: You CANNOT tell Punchpass to capture a past due membership. You can only switch to have it handle the next upcoming payment.

Change Credit Card Used for a Membership

If the membership is currently paid with Stripe, you’ll now see the option to change the credit card used. Just click the button to change the card used. The new card will be used on the next scheduled payment date.

An image showing how to change a credit card with a Punchpass recurring membership

Improved: Membership Date Flexibility

Now you can start a customer’s membership in the future.

Online view of free class on online Punchpass calendar

If a membership is started in the future, it will pend until the future start date. No pass is initially assigned; the first pass is assigned when the start date arrives.

NOTE: This feature is only for customer memberships that you initiate while logged into Punchpass. You cannot change a membership that was purchased online to be started later.

Other Improvements & Tweaks

Your Active Pass Report is downloadable now since we added a CSV download feature.

Online view of the pass report download in Punchpass

Even if a pass is expired or full, we now flag a pass that’s marked as unpaid (and you’re tracking payments) on the the customer details page. This is makes its status more prominent if a pass expires and is still unpaid.

An image of an expired pass that was marked as unpaid in Punchpass

We’ve improved the way you manage your Users and Instructors setup. Now it works better on smaller screens. We also show the user’s access level, email address, and linked instructor if applicable.

An image of Punchpass online user and instructor setup page

Spread The Word

We’d love to see Punchpass in the hands of ALL the studios and teachers who would benefit. Your kind words about Punchpass go a long way with your community. So please share the love! We’d be grateful.

That’s all for now. As always, more to come.

Chris & Sharon

A customer quote about Punchpass says: I'd like to congratulate you on the great system you guys have! We have carefully used 2 different softwares over the last month, and Punchpass has emerged as a clear winner for ease of use and functionality.