November 2017 Update

Thursday, November 16, 2017

We’re glad to share some great improvements to Punchpass. We’ve got some really exciting things in the pipeline too! Read all about it here…

New: Customer’s Login View is Fully Redesigned

We’ve introduced a dramatic design improvement for your customers who log into Punchpass! It’s now much more mobile friendly, and it presents the schedule & account information in a much cleaner format.

You can read a full summary of the changes here.

Screen shot of Punchpass customer login page with its new enhanced design

New: Create a Branded Address on the Web

Woo hoo! Now you can customize the web address (url) for your Punchpass-hosted schedule. So you can make the link to your public schedule much easier for your customers to remember. It’s a nice branding opportunity for you too.

Learn more about how to set up your customized subdomain by clicking here.

Screen shot of Punchpass customer who is using a custom subdomain for their public schedule

New: Paylinks for Collecting Pass Payment

We’ve introduced a way for you to send a quick and dirty request for payment from your customers. We call it Paylinks.. and it rocks!

When a customer has an unpaid pass, we give you a custom paylink that you can email to them right from Punchpass. The customer can just click on the link and pay quickly online with Stripe.

Learn more about how they work right here.

Screen shot of Punchpass customer profile with an unpaid pass and a paylink that can be used for payment collection.

Improved: Translations Into Your Language

Our international language support is expanding in a few different ways.

Now when your clients log in to Punchpass, you can speak their language. All customer login pages are now being translated.

We can also add a new language to Punchpass and have it translated more easily. So our language support will continue to get better & better.

There are now two unique Spanish dialects available in Punchpass. So no matter which continent you’re on, you’re covered. Bueno!

A Punchpass customer login account that's translated into Spanish.

Improved: Support for Bounced Emails

We’ve given you added visibility when there’s an incorrect customer email on file. If a customer email is unsuccessfully delivered, we now mark the customer’s account as ‘bounced email.’ We’ll suspend transactional emails to that address until a correction is made.

As soon as you edit the customer’s email address, that restriction is lifted, and emails will resume to that client. Here’s more about how that works.

An image showing the Punchpass customer list with a bounced email highlighted and fully visible to the administrator.

COMING SOON: Online Waivers!

Excellent news! Online waivers are coming 😀. Your customers will be able to sign your waiver online, and a PDF version of the waiver will be created.

Our Banyan Plan clients will have access to online waivers very, very soon!

COMING SOON: Customer Logins Easier Than Ever

Your customers will soon have a frictionless experience creating their accounts & logging into Punchpass. We’re doing some heavy lifting behind the scenes to redo the way we authenticate each of your customers in Punchpass. This will greatly improve your customers’ experience creating and maintaining their login accounts.

Spread The Word

We’d love to see Punchpass in the hands of ALL the studios and teachers who would benefit. Your kind words about Punchpass go a long way with your community. So please share the love! We’d be grateful.

A customer quote about Punchpass says: THIS IS SO MUCH EASIER THAN OTHER PROGRAMS I'VE USED!!  And yes, ALL CAPS, because I'm THAT EXCITED!!