New! Email Status Reporting

We know you love being able to send emails right from Punchpass.  The ability to quickly contact targeted groups of your customers is one of the most beloved Punchpass features.  And today we’re excited to give you better visibility into what happens after you click send!  

Punchpass now shows you exactly how your emails are doing and provides visibility into any problem emails so you can fix them.  You don’t have to wonder if that email was delivered any longer!

There are three email status screens….

1) Email Status (pictured above):  This page shows you the total number of emails delivered, including a nice graph showing when your emails were delivered over time. We also show you the number of bounces and spam reports over the past 30 days.

2) Email Problems:  This page lists any bounced/dropped emails over the past 30 days, along with the error message we received back.  A lot of times this is simply a mis-typed email address that you can update.

3) Delivered Emails:  This is a list of the last 200 delivered emails including the recipient, the time/date sent, and the subject.  Wondering if that email you sent about next week’s class was delivered?  This is where you go to find out!

You can access these reports from ‘Reports’ link on the home page.