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New! Auto Matching Class Reservations

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

You can now have Punchpass automatically match online class reservations with your existing customers. If you take a lot of reservations from existing, regular customers, this feature will save you a LOT of time!  

Here’s what one customer in Australia said after using the feature for a couple of weeks:

“Loving it mate. It saves us so much time.  We really only have to look at Punchpass 30 mins before the class where before we were checking it all day to confirm registrations”

PLEASE NOTE!  Punchpass will match based on the customer’s email address, so it is VERY IMPORTANT that you do not have any duplicate email addresses in the system (Punchpass will match on the first on it finds).  So before you activate this feature, you MUST eliminate any duplicate emails you may have. We wrote a blog post on how to find your duplicate emails.

To turn on the auto matching feature, simply go to Manage Account / Manage Reservation Settings.Check off the box that says ‘Auto match reservations’ and then ‘Save Changes’.  Once it’s set up, when an existing customer in the system makes a reservation, the system will process the reservation for you.  Now all you’ll need to do at the start of class is mark them as attending!