March 2017 Update

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

We’re very glad to share the latest Punchpass improvements with you, including (drumroll, please!)… Wait Lists!

New: Wait Lists Are Here!

Fill up the room even when room is limited! Your customers can sign up for a wait list when an upcoming class time is maxed out on reservations. Any subsequent cancellation or change to availability will trigger a process that lets wait listers grab the empty slot.

An image showing a customer signing up for a wait list in Punchpass.

Here’s how it all works:

If a customer starts a wait list, we tell them an email will be sent if a spot opens up. We also send YOU a notice that a wait list for the class was created.

When a spot becomes available in the class, we kick off the wait list process…

  1. We send an email to everyone on the wait list.
  2. In order to claim the spot in class, a customer must click on the link in the email and reaffirm that they want in.
  3. If they are the first to claim the spot, we confirm their reservation. If they aren’t the first (and there are no spots left) we let them know the spot has been filled.

By default, wait lists are OFF and need to be enabled for an individual type of class. Just visit Manage Account => Manage Classes to edit the class & enable wait lists. Learn more here.

New: Add Your Own Logo!

Got a new brand? Now you can upload your own logo in Punchpass. Your online schedule has never looked so good!

Just go to Manage Account (Account Settings) => Reservation/Schedule Settings to rebrand your Punchpass-hosted pages.

Screen shot of Punchpass administrative page allowing the business to upload their own logo

Improved: Custom Colors On Your Calendar

Now you can change your schedule’s date divider to match your preferences. You can match your brand better (great when you’ve embedded your schedule on your website) or just jazz up the look of your class list! Choose from a list of colors OR add your own custom color.

You can change this setting by visiting Manage Account (Account Settings) => Reservation/Schedule Settings.

An image showing a Punchpass class schedule online with customized color bars making it more awesome.

Improved: Booking & Payment

Encourage your customers to pay before they arrive! Now when your customers make an online class reservation, the reservation confirmation page shows your online pass link even more prominently.

An image of a Punchpass customer who recently made an online class reservation being prompted to purchase a pass online before heading to the studio.

Improved: Celebrating Birthdays

Do you celebrate your clients’ birthdays? We’ve made that easier for you with our improved birthday report. We’ve grouped birthday information by month and added an email feature – so you can come here, check off all the people who have a birthday in a specific month, and send them an email. It’s easier than ever to send your best wishes and offer a free class during a customer’s birthday month.

Just click “View Customers” and select the Birthdays report to see details for your customers.

An image showing a Punchpass report that lists customer birthday details and email feature.

Improved: Show Instructor Name or Not

Want to streamline the look of your Punchpass public schedule? Now you can choose whether or not to show the instructor name.

Even if you decide not to show the instructor on the schedule, your customers can still see the instructor name when they click through your schedule to see class details.

You can change this setting by visiting Manage Account (Account Settings) => Reservation/Schedule Settings.

An image showing the ability for a Punchpass customer to elect to show the instructor name on the public class schedule.

Improved: Instructor Reporting

Want to review your instructor details weekly? Look no further than the improved Instructor Details report. The data hasn’t changed from the monthly report you’re used to – it’s just totaled by week (Sunday through Saturday).

Just go to Reports => Instructors Report to click through an instructor’s name & see their detailed teaching history.

A Punchpass image showing the business owner their class instructor details by week.

Improved: Getting Paid for Prior Attendances

Do your clients sometimes pay you online AFTER they’ve attended class? We now alert you via email if a customer who purchased a pass online has a prior no-pass attendance. Once you get the heads up, you can visit the customer’s account & collect on those past attendances.

Improved: Prepay with Customer Logins

Now when you’ve set up a class as Prepaid, there’s some additional flexibility for customers with logins. If you accept additional pass types for a prepaid class, customers with a valid pass can log in can register for the class without having to pay again.

Spread The Word

We’d love to see Punchpass in the hands of ALL the studios and teachers who would benefit. Your kind words about Punchpass go a long way with your community. So please share the love! We’d be grateful.

A customer quote about Punchpass says: I just quickly have to say that I am very excited about Punchpass.  This is the answer to my prayers! I don't know where Punchpass has been all my life, but I am ready to get things up and running!!!