New - Make A Class Free

New today - you can now mark any individual class in Punchpass as ‘Free’. This let’s you take attendance for the class, without punching any customer cards. The class attendance is listed in the customer account, so you’ll have a record of who attended. (For those familiar with Punchpass the attendance is marked as a ‘no pass’ attendance, and is a ‘forgiven’ attendance.)

This feature can also be used to take attendance for Workshops or other special events where you don’t want customer passes to be punched, yet you still want to take attendance.

Here’s how to make a class free:

Find the class in your Classes page, click on it and then click Edit Class…

There will be a blue button to mark the class as free. (This is also where you would mark a class as cancelled.)

That makes the class free, so Punchpass won’t attempt to match attendances with customer passes. The class is marked with an orange notification flag so there isn’t any confusion.

Marking a class free does not retroactively affect any existing attendances. So if you want to make a class free you should mark it free before taking attendance.

Learn more at our Knowledgebase