Link Provides One-Touch Access to Customized Customer Info!

Is there online information about your customers that you want to keep at your fingertips?  Maybe a customized nutrition plan, a waiver you’ve stored electronically, or even a link to a Facebook page?

Punchpass provides a custom link for each of your customers.  So when you are viewing a customer’s account, you can have one-touch access to the information that’s important to you. 

To add a link to this field,  just go into their account & click edit.  Paste the appropriate link into the custom link field & save it. Now when you are in that customer’s account, you’ll go directly to the link when you click on it.

The possibilities are endless – if the data is stored online, you can add the link here.

Follow these links to learn more about integrating a waiver or a custom training or nutrition plan

Let us know how you decide to use this feature!