Limit Passes To Certain Classes - New Feature

Now you can restrict which passes are eligible for specific classes. This is a great feature for studios who want to charge a different price for certain classes.

Here is a simple example of how this could work. Let’s say your studio offers both Zumba and Yoga classes.

But you want to charge more for your Yoga classes. So you set up separate punchcards and drop-in passes for each type of class.

To tell Punchpass which passes are eligible for a class you need to Edit the class:

Simply check off which passes are eligible and Update the class:

Here is how this works in the attendance for a YOGA class (see image below.) Susan has a 10 Visit ZUMBA Punchcard - so her attendance shows as needing a pass. Dave has a 10 Visit YOGA Punchcard so his attendance is accepted (it’s blue) and he has 9 punches left.

This feature is available on our Studio plan. We hope it let’s you start offering different passes and giving your customers more options.