Improvements To Online Class Reservations

We’ve added two improvements to the online class reservations. Now you can edit the confirmation email that is sent to any person who registers, and you can easily email all the reservations at once.

To edit the confirmation email, click on Manage Account, then under Customer Communications click Manage Emails. At the bottom you can change the message that is included in the reservation confirmation. (We automatically include the class name, date, etc.) Now you can include any important details (what to bring, cancellation policy, etc.)

You can now also contact all the customers who have submitted reservations for a specific class. Just go to the class details page (find the class in the Classes page and click on it) Click Manage Current Reservations at the bottom. To send an email click the Compose Email To All Reservations. This allows you to quickly reach all the people who have reserved spots in a class (for example - if you need to cancel it.)