New - Improved Class Management Page, Schedule Filtering, And Schedule Notices

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Today we’re rolling out a big change to help you better manage your class schedule/calendar in Punchpass. The Classes page has been revamped to a calendar view, and functionality has been added to let you add/delete classes, mark them free/canceled, and post announcements. Oh, and you can filter it too. :)

Read on for the details!

New Hub To Manage Your Classes

Screen shot of the newly designed Classes page in Punchpass

The Classes page in Punchpass has been revamped. It’s now a calendar view, and matches the layout/colors you set up for your public calendar.

There are buttons to quickly jump between months, and you can now filter the calendar by class or by location. (This is also a feature included on the Public schedules.)

Finally, dropdowns for each day and class give you quick shortcuts to common actions.

The goal of this page is to give you a single place to manage your studio schedule.Below are more details about specific functionality that has been added.

Posting Notices - Let Your Customers Know Your Studio’s Status

Screen shot of a calendar notice about being closed for New Year's

Just in time for the holidays, you can now add a Notice to any day on your schedule (both the list and calendar view.) Let customers know your studio is closed or that there is a special event happening!

Dropdowns For DAY and CLASS Actions

Every day on the calendar, and every class, have a dropdown menu. This lets you quickly post a schedule notice, delete a single class or ALL the classes on a single day, mark a class as free, and add classes to the schedule.

Screen shot of the dropdown to manage a calendar day
Screen shot of the dropdown to manage a calendar class

Filters Let Your Customers Find What They Want Fast

We’ve added filters to the public schedules, as well as your internal view. Currently you can filter the schedule by class name or location. Filtering by Instructors is coming soon.

Screen shot of the filters you can access on the public schedule

We have even more enhancements planned to make it easy to manage your schedule. We’d love to hear your feedback and thoughts about this first step!