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Why We Love Your Feedback

Thursday, October 29, 2015

If you are a member of the Punchpass community, you’ve heard us ask for feedback – good or bad.

Of course we enjoy hearing that you and your customers love Punchpass.  Your kind words keep us going on those rainy days.  You know how that is since you run a small business too!  Some days are filled with good vibes, others have their share of frustration.  Kind words and small gestures from customers mean a lot.  

But you might wonder why we want you to tell us how we can improve.  It helps us immeasurably to know exactly how you’re using Punchpass on the front lines.  Your comments like “I want this list in alphabetical order” and “I use my phone to email my customers from Punchpass regularly - give me back that feature!” give us insight that we translate into changes that benefit you and all Punchpass users.  You help us make Punchpass better when you share your insights with us!  And we know we can rely on you to deliver constructive thoughts kindly.  

It is truly our pleasure to play a small role on your journey to success!  Thanks for continuing to offer suggestions to help us on our way as well.

Got feedback for us?  We sincerely welcome your thoughts anytime!  You know how to reach us, don’t you?