How to Welcome Your Drop Ins

You have to take class attendance correctly to get paid, right?   And you want to warmly welcome each person too.  The magic formula to doing both is found right where you take class attendance with Punchpass.

Your regulars who show up to class with passes pre-purchased are super easy – you can find them on your list of customers & check them right in.  

But what do you do for customers who show up without a pass?  

You can manage this situation really easily right when you’re in the middle of taking attendance.  Punchpass shows you a clear message that the person needs a pass – all you need to do is click the orange “Needs Pass” button to assign them a new pass.

You may want to offer a one-punch drop-in pass for customers who attend classes sporadically.  

What if a brand new customer drops in?

That’s no problem.  You can click the New Customer button at the top of the attendance screen to add the customer’s name & details.

You can assign them a pass there.  Then Punchpass will take you right back to the class attendance screen where you can continue taking attendance on your computer or mobile device.

What if a customer shows up without any money?

The best way to handle unpaid drop-ins is to mark a person as attending even though they do not have an active pass.  Then when they buy a pass next time, Punchpass will alert you that they had a previous attendance with no pass & let you apply past attendances to the new pass.  Here’s a good overview of how that works.

You can always see a list of current “No Pass” attendances by going to the Punchpass attendance reports:

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