How To Get Your Students Back To Class When Summer's Over

Do you lose students in the summer when the weather turns nice? You are not alone! Longtime instructor Karla Sluis had that problem too…and she used Punchpass to solve it.

She used the Customer Attendance Report and sorted by Last Attendance to find students with a current pass who had not been to class in 3 months. 

View Customers => Customer Attendance Report.  Sort by clicking on column header for “Last Attendance”

She selected people from this list and composed an “I miss you” e-mail to them. She offered one free punch on their pass if they attended any classes in the next 10 days.  She also posted video links to her most recent choreography to ease the concerns of students who may have been concerned about learning new songs when they hadn’t been to class in a while.

The process took just minutes using Punchpass, and it’s something she never could have done in the past because she didn’t keep records of who stopped attending and when. She immediately received two responses asking for her updated schedule.

The other benefit to this, as she read the responses to her promotion, is that she learned WHY people stopped coming.

In some cases, she could help them find a solution so they can still attend (carpooling with other students, alternative class times that sync with work schedules, discounted rates, help with learning moves after class, less-crowded venue suggestions, earplugs for one woman with sensitive ears, etc.).

This feedback from her customers has been invaluable to improve both her teaching and marketing. Obviously, she can’t please everyone. But she could make small changes that make customers feel valued. New students are great; but Karla has learned after 5 years of teaching that retention is the key to success.

Have you used Punchpass to make your business better?  If you have any tips that you’d like to share with the Punchpass community, send them to us by visiting Punchpass and clicking the blue circle in the bottom right corner of your screen.