NEW! Get Notified When A Client Cancels


Your customers book their classes with the best of intentions.  But life happens…and cancellations are definitely a part of life.

Now Punchpass will tell you when a customer cancels a reservation.  An automatic email will show up in your inbox within moments of the cancellation request.

If you have a limited number of spots in the class, we’ll even tell you the number of spots that are left.  If you your classes tend to fill up, you can use this new information to notify folks that a spot has opened up.

We also tweaked the format & content of some of our other automated email confirmations.  Complete and to the point – that’s what we’re all after.

Hope you like the changes!

Punchpass provides simple software for managing your fitness studio.

Still using paper or spreadsheets to run your studio? Or struggling with complicated software? See how Punchpass can improve your life!  Learn more about Punchpass here.