Forgive Class Attendances With No Pass

One of the ways to use Punchpass successfully is to take care of attendances that are marked as ‘No Pass’ attendances. But sometimes there are attendances that you do not want to assign to a pass. Maybe it’s a very good customer of yours, or your want to ‘comp’ someone. Now you can ‘forgive’ no pass attendances, which will remove them from the No Pass report.

To do so, go to the Reports page and click on one of the no pass attendances. Edit the attendances, and on the right side will be the option to mark it as forgiven.

Once you’ve done that you’ll notice the attendance is no longer in the no pass report. There is a new report called the Forgiven Attendances report.

In general we don’t recommend you use the Forgiven very much, but it’s handy when you need it. Use it to keep your no pass attendance report clean!