February 2017 Update

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Happy February! We’ve started the year strong & have some nice improvements to share with you. Prepaid Classes and No Show support may be of particular interest…

New: Prepaid Classes

Simplify your workshop registrations AND get paid faster! When you enable ‘Pre-pay’ for a class, customers will be required to pay for their booking right when they register online.

Prepaid Classes are ideal for one-day events. You can collect payment and bookings ahead of time so you don’t need to worry about either on the day of the event.

You must be integrated with Stripe and accept online reservations to use this feature. Here’s how it works.

An image showing a customer booking page with Punchpass prepaid classes feature

New: Keep Track of No Shows

Now your no shows are easy to track in Punchpass. When you mark an attendance as a no-show, you can debit the customer’s pass and keep a record of the date & time of the absence. Your no-shows are fully tracked – they are on the customer’s record as well as your new no-show report.

An image showing a customer who is a no show in the class.

New: Charge Credit Card for In-Person Pass Sales

Selling passes online with Stripe has always been great. Now we’ve brought the convenience of the Punchpass/Stripe integration to your in-person transactions. When you’re selling a pass in person, you can now charge a credit card right within Punchpass.

It’s a real time-saver. You must use online pass sales with Stripe to use this feature

Screen shot of Punchpass allowing an in-person sale of a pass using a credit card

New: Your Customers Can Move a Reservation

Now your clients can use the automated reservation confirmation email they receive from Punchpass to move their existing reservation to an alternate date/time on your upcoming schedule.

They’ve always had the option to cancel that way…but wouldn’t you rather encourage them to come another time instead?

An image of a Punchpass customer moving her reservation to a different class time.

Improved: Customer Logins - Flexibility AND Control

Want to sell your customers flexible passes but limit their reservations to the number of visits they’ve paid for? Customer logins have always given you the ability to tighten up public access to reservations. Now you can also restrict bookings to the number of visits left on a customer’s pass.

This is defined at the course level. If you tell Punchpass that a course requires an active pass to book, we limit your customers’ ability to reserve based on the available number of visits they have left. So if a customer has 4 visits left, they can’t book more than 4 future reservations without buying another pass.

An image showing a message given to a customer who is logged into Punchpass but is unable to make a reservation until they have purchased a new pass

Improved: Stripe Refunds from Punchpass

Need to issue a refund for a pass that was purchased online with Stripe? Now you can do that right from your list of Online Purchases within Punchpass – no need to go to Stripe.

An image showing how to easily process a credit card refund using Punchpass

Improved: Memberships -

You can now change a customer’s membership from one type to another without breaking the billing chain in Stripe.

This is particularly useful if you offer ongoing memberships at different levels. Your customers can move across membership levels without a service or billing interruption.

Screen shot of a studio owner moving a customer from one membership to another within Punchpass

Improved: Stripe Checkout Form

You have three new options for your Stripe checkout form. You can allow Stripe to use its “Remember Me” feature so your customers can check out more quickly during repeat pass purchases. You can also allow Stripe to collect zip code and billing address from your customers for additional verification.

Just go to your Online Payment Settings to make this election.

An image showing an improved checkout form for processing credit cards using Punchpass

Improved: Manage Classes & Customer Profile Views

We’ve introduced a new look to the Customer Profile page. You’ll find all active passes and memberships in one spot, and all customer actions are clearly itemized and grouped together.

We’ve refreshed the Manage Classes setup page as well with similar intent.

An image showing an improved customer profile page in Punchpass

Other Improvements & Tweaks

The Attendance Time was added to the Attendance CSV download. So you know exactly when your customers checked in to class! This is particularly great if you have check-ins to the same Punchpass ‘class’ throughout the day.

Now we email you if a customer purchases a pass or membership. Nice!

Coming Soon: Wait Lists!

Spread The Word

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