Sending Emails On Customer's Behalf - Emails Now Come From

We have changed the way emails to our customer’s customers are sent - starting today they are all sent ‘From’ [email protected] Below is an example of how an email looks from Punchpass - in this example it is an email receipt for a pass purchase.

The From Name is the company name of the Punchpass client - so if that’s you make sure it’s correct! So in the inbox list the email looks the same as before. It’s only when you click on the email that astute customers might notice it’s from Punchpass.

Important point - the Reply To address IS still your address. So if one of your customers replies with a question about the pass purchase, it will come back to you.

Why the change? Yahoo & AOL recently made a MAJOR change to the way their email is handled. Essentially they have told everyone that if the email is not ‘signed’ by them (i.e. sent from their mail servers) that the email should be rejected. That means we can no longer send email with the client’s email address in the From field. (A number of our clients use email addresses.)

In the end this is a good thing, both for email in general and Punchpass customers. For email, because it makes it much harder to ‘spoof’ someone’s email so the hope is that spam will continue to drop and be easier to spot. For our customers, because when the email is from us it allows us to make sure it is sent correctly and legitimately - the end result being that it gets to your customer’s inbox. And that is most important!

A great link explaining the changes to the email ecosystem from our email provider Mandrill is here.