Email or Print Customer Pass Receipts

Now you can easily email your customers receipts for their pass purchases, or print one if they ask. Many customers can be reimbursed for their fitness pass purchase by their health plan or company wellness plan. But they need a receipt! Here’s how…..

####Update Your Company Information Make sure that your company information is set up completely - go to Manage Account and Edit Company. An email address is mandatory, and a company name and address are helpful. The more information you can provide the more professional your receipt will appear.

####Send Email or Print Receipt - Past Purchases To send an email for a purchase that has already been made, go to the customer’s detail page, then click on the pass they purchased. You’ll see two links to either Print their receipt or email them a receipt. Print Receipt opens a formatted receipt in a new browser tab so you can easily print it. NOTE - Your customer needs to have an email address in the system for the email receipt option to appear.

####Email Receipt For Current Purchase You can also choose to send an email when a customer purchases a new pass. If the customer has an email in the system you’ll see a checkbox to send them a receipt. It’s unchecked by default.

Here’s how the emailed receipt looks. Currently you cannot modify any of the information/text on the receipt.

####Please Test This On Yourself First Just quickly create a test customer with your email address and ‘buy’ a few passes. Just remember to delete them after you are done testing!

We hope this helps your customers get reimbursed so they can buy more passes from you!