Common Question - Does Punchpass accept payments from my customers?

That’s a common question we receive from potential customers, and the short answer is no. We are building the best group fitness class attendance tracking software and accepting payments is outside that goal. There are some great options to accept payment either online or in-person. Here is what we recommend….

1) For online payments from your website, Paypal is still really the best option around. There are lots of things we don’t like about Paypal, and we don’t recommend you keep a large balance in your account. But for universal acceptance across the web they are hard to beat. We hope that in the next year or so there will be some better option in this space.

2) For credit card payments in your studio we highly recommend using Square ( ) with your phone or iPad. It’s the slickest, most customer friendly service there is. You can set up your passes in the system ahead of time so accepting a customer’s card is super quick. Plus, you only pay fees when you sell something - NO monthly card reader rental fees. Your local bank may be offering a lower swipe rate, but the monthly fees make the overall cost far higher than Square. (Note - we don’t get anything for recommending Square. We just like their service and think it’s a much better option than the old credit card terminals.)